Rookhope Accommodation

Rookhope is situated on the C2C cycle route which means that for most of the year, there are many cyclists passing through. This is particularly so during the warmer summer months.

Many of the cyclists choose to stay in Rookhope over night. One of the popular places to stay is the Barrington Bunkhouse. The Bunkhouse sleeps 12 and is situated right in the centre of the village and is next to the Rookhope Inn.

Of course you don’t have to be a cyclist to benefit from Rookhope’s calm and tranquilly. The village gets many walkers visiting as well as people out driving. Heather-bound fells surround the village which means there are many walks in the area which are accessible from the village by foot.

Much of the North Pennines is still unspoilt as industry has left and tourism has not yet grown to its full potential which means you will often be sharing your walk with nobody other than the sheep. You will find that visitors are very welcome and the villagers are always happy to see people, young and old, enjoying a day out in the fells.

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