Animals of Weardale

Villagers and visitors are just two of the many different species of animal who come to the Weardale for a variety of specific reasons: to work, play, breed… Some are here merely to fatten themselves up and become food for others.

Nature is as demanding in the Weardale as it is anywhere else. Although the cycle of life may sometimes appear fenced-in or walled-up, it is still the same story. Weardale may not be the Serengeti Plains but it is as equally wild – in its own way.

The Weardale will bring out the poet in all of us. Villagers and visitors wandering the lanes, paths and hills of Weardale, will encounter all the inspiration they will need to muse and to ponder such things as: why am I seeing a pot-bellied pig, why is that Alpaca looking at me like that, and of course, why don’t I just stop at that café and have a pot of tea.

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